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White cover of Annual Report 2020, the title is at the right bottom, in the centre of the cover there is a green circle with circle with diverging needles.

Activity of the Central Office of Measures and Regional Units. Annual Report 2020


The cover of Annual Report 2019 - black bckground, crystal weight on the cover, title in the right bottom

Activity of Central Office of Measures and Regional Units. Annual Report 2019




Skrót strategii Głównego Urzędu Miar - 2018-2021

2018_Four-year strategic action plan
of the Central Office of Measures




GUM - Cooperation with Industry and Science 2018

The Research and development activity NMI GUM 2017

Activity of_the Central Office of Measures 2017

Guide to the Central Office of Measures

Law on measures  
Law on Measures 2001  


since 2013

"Metrology and Hallmarking" - the Bulletin of the Central Office of Measures - has been issued since June 2013. The Bulletin presents the activity of Polish administration of measures and of the hallmarking administration. It depicts in an interesting manner the research output of metrological department and laboratories in the field of easurements. In the Bulletin, the issues are presented related to presence of metrology and measurement in everyday life, cooperation in the scope of international research programmes and those based on the agreements with universities in Poland. The review of the most significant events in the world of metrology is also to be found in this quarterly bulletin.

If you would like to become familiar with consecutive issues of "Metrology and Hallmarking" please look at the proper link.

The thesis by dr. Andrzej Barański (former employee of GUM) entitled "Central Office of Measures at Elektoralna" is an interesting publication. The book was published in 1994 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of establishment of the GUM. It presents the history of the building at No 2 Elektoralna Street in Warsaw and the history of the Polish administration of measures.



“Metrology" - bulletin of the Central Office of Measures - was published in 2007-2012 (earlier, since 2005, under the name of the Information Bulletin of the Scientific Secretariat of Metrology of GUM). "Metrology" constituted the information forum for academic and economic circles cooperating with the Central Office of Measures for development of the Polish metrology. The main objective of "Metrology" was presentation of the results achieved by the Central Office of Measures in the scope of research conducted in the area of national standards, reference standards and issues related to transferring of units of measure.

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