Time and Frequency

Time and Frequency

Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

Time and Length Department


  • Maintenance of the national standard of time and frequency units.
  • Generation of the Polish atomic time scale UTC (PL) and determining the official time of the Republic of Poland.
  • Participation in the creation of international atomic time scales TAI and UTC.
  • Generation and transmission of acoustic time signals to Polish Radio, maintaining of official time servers and TDS system for distribution of national time.
  • Development and improvement of time transfer, maintaining atomic time scales and results analysis of atomic comparisons of time and frequency standards.
  • Conducting research and development concerning the national standard of time and frequency units and related measurement stations.
  • Transmission of reference frequency signals to other laboratories within Central Office of Measures.
  • National collaboration and comparisons in the creation of the independent Polish Atomic Time Scale TA (PL).


  1. Calibrations:
  • high stability frequency standards,
  • frequency generators and synthesizers,
  • digital time and frequency counters,
  • clock testers (digital, analog and digital-analog),
  • second counters and timers – controlled electrically, optically, acoustically,
  • quartz and analog clocks,
  • phase calibrators and phase meters.
  1. Expertises:
  • sources and counters of groups of pulses.

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