Photometry nad Radiometry

Photometry nad Radiometry

Published by: Kamila Szulc

Maintenance and development of national and reference mea-f surement standards.
Development of measurement methods traceable to the measurement units of SI in photometric and radiometric measurements of the highest accuracy.
Providing the traceability for Polish customers via calibration of measuring instruments.
Research in the field of photometry and radiometry for supporting various branches of Polish economy.
Dissemination of knowledge and experience in the field of photometry and radiometry

Calibration of:

  • spectral regular transmittance and absorbance standards,
  • spectrophotometers for spectral regular transmittance and absorbance,
  • wavelength standards,
  • spectrophotometers for wavelength,
  • tristimulus values and chromaticity coordinates standards for transmitted light,
  • luminous intensity standards (incandescent lamps),
  • luminous flux standards (incandescent lamps),
  • correlated colour temperature standards (incandescent lamps),
  • digital luxmeters,
  • luminance meters,
  • trichromatic colorimeters for chromaticity of light sources,
  • photoluminescent materials (luminance and time of decay),
  • glossmeters,
  • gloss standards,
  • luminance standards,
  • radiant power metres,
  • spectral responsivity standards (monochromatic radiation),
  • radiant power metres (monochromatic radiation),
  • white light and UV-light NDT metres,
  • calibrators for luxmeters,
  • light cabinets,
  • colour and gray scale standards,
  • colorimeters for reflected  light.
  • chromaticity of safety signs.

Contact to the Laboratory:
phone: +48 22 581 92 95;
Contact to Section:

  • Spectrophotometric Standards – phone: +48 22 581 93 11
  • Photometric and Radiometric Standards – phone: +48 22 581 94 46
  • Colour Standards – phone: +48 22 581 94 36
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