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Maintenance of the national measurement standards for length, plane angle, refractive index and optical  rotation.
Ensuring traceabilty in the field of length, plane angle, refractometry  and polarymetry.
Performing the research in the field of light frequency of stabilised lasers, measurements of length, plane angle, surface texture parameters, refractive index and optical  rotation.
Performing tests and checks for the needs of legal metrological control, conformity assessment and type  approval.
Organizing and taking part in national and international compa- risons.


•Calibration of:
–stabilised lasers,
–gauge blocks,
–laser distance meters,
–optical flats,
–ring and plug gauges (internal and external  cylinders),
–1-D measuring machines,
–mechanical comparators for gauge blocks,
–optical polygons, angle gauges, rotary tables, goniometers,
–photoelectric autocollimators, electronic levels,
–visual  and  photoelectric refractometers,
–solid and liquid refractive index   standards,
–photoelectric  polarimeters,
–quartz control plates (polarimetric  standards),
–straightness and roundness standards,
–tapes (rigid, semi rigid),
–precision line scales and stage   micrometres.

•Expertise of instruments and stands  for:
–taximeters verification,
–tachographs checks,
–verification of devices for measuring the speed of vehicles in traffic control.

•Manufacturing of the certified reference   materials:


Contact to the Laboratory: phone: +48 22 581 95 43,
Contact to Section:
–Length – phone: +48 22 581 93 32
–Angles – phone: +48 22 581 95 58
–Precise Geometric Measurement – phone: +48 22 581 95 07
–Taximeters and Tachographs – phone: +48 22 581 94 96




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