Published by: Kamila Szulc

Realization and development of primary methods of measurement and reference materials of highest metrological level providing traceability to SI in chemical and physicochemical measurements.
Maintenance and development of the national measurement standards and the reference  standards.
Providing traceability in the area of pehametry, conductometry, gas analysis, atomic absorption spectrometry and IR spectroscopy.
Participation in national and international interlaboratory comparisons.
Research works on metrology in chemistry.

–gas analyzers and dissolved oxygen meters,
–gas mixtures,
–pH meters, pH simulators and pH electrodes,
–electrolytic conductivity meters and conductivity cells,
–solid wavenumber standards for IR spectroscopy.

•Certified reference materials:
–primary and secondary reference materials for pH,
–primary and secondary reference materials for electrolytic conductivity,
–primary reference materials for amount of substance content (high purity substances),
–reference materials for atomic absorption spectrometry   (ASA).

Contact  to  the Laboratory:
phone: +4822 581 92 01,
Contact to Section:
–Gas Analysis – phone: +48 22 581 94   39
–Electrochemical Analysis – phone: +48 22 581 92 25
–Inorganic Analysis – phone: +48 22 581 94 54

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