GUM co-operates with domestic institutions and organisations, such as:

  • Polish Centre for Accreditation (Polskie Centrum Akredytacji PCA),
  • Polish Committee for Standardisation (Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny - PKN),
  • science institutes and higher education facilities.

In the last 8 years, the Office entered into more than 30 agreements with national education facilities, institutes and institutions, related to co-operation in a several areas:

  • joint scientific undertakings, including development and submission of joint research subjects, financed by domestic and European framework funds (EMRP or EMPIR),
  • mutual help in realising diploma theses, Ph.D. dissertations and habilitation theses, training programmes in GUM in which employees, students and Ph. D. students take part in,
  • undertaking of joint projects on the research work related to establishment, maintenance and modernisation of national standards,
  • conduct of specialist metrological training and lectures for postgraduate studies,
  • mutual sharing of the measurement infrastructure used for research and development,
  • undertaking of mutual initiative popularising the selected metrological issues,
  • conformity assessments.

Representatives of GUM participate in the work of Technical Committees of Polish Committee for Standardisation, within the standardisation activity.

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