Open DAY for middle school students at the Central Office of Measures

Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

On the occasion of World Metrology Day 2016 (this year theme: 'Measurements in a Dynamic World') we invite the middle school students to visit the Central Office of Measures (GUM) on 19 May 2016 from 10:00 till 14:00.

The aim of the 'Open Day' event at GUM is to present questions related to the measurements of electrical quantities. The visitors will have the good opportunity to learn more how essential the metrology in everybody's life is.

The central point of the 'Open Day' agenda will be participation of the students in the presentations and shows organized by the employees of the Central Office of Measures. The main topic of the programme will be measurements of the electrical quantities.

One of the show topics will be the ohm's law. The measurements of current ratio, voltage and resistance will be presented to the public. The visitors will also have an opportunity to observe different cases of electrical burden effect appearing while using common bulb or LED. They also get to know how to calculate the indicated electrical power. The conductivity tests of different types of materials like cooper, steal, graphite etc. will be presented as well. The participants will also get to know how the resonance system RLC works. Each visitor will also have an opportunity to become acquainted with different types of resistors, capacitors, voltage sources etc.

Within another presentation the students will learn the energy consume level of different light sources, mobile phone chargers, radio and domestic electrical appliances while stand-by modus. So they will get to know how to use the electrical power economically.

Furthermore, the presentations on time measurements will not fail. Starting with atomic clock, its structure and way of functioning and ending with the sundial one, used once by shepherds, the visitors will learn the history of time measuring devices. Each guest will be able to check his or her watch's rate with help of chronocomparator and find out that not always an expensive watch means the better one. The students will also test their time of reaction - in other words their reflex.

For further details and registration, please, contact the Cabinet of the President of GUM: 22 581 95 31. Please notice, registration deadline is 16 May 2016.

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