On 20th May we celebrated the World Metrology Day

Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

On the occasion of the "World Metrology Day" the Central Office of Measures (GUM) organized a seminary on metrology.

It was the 16th time we celebrated on 20th May the "World Metrology Day" commemorating the anniversary of conclusion of the Metre Convention which took place in Paris, France 1875. The Metre Convention is a basis for the uniform world measurement system and cooperation in the field of metrology and this cooperation should be tighter than before. The conclusion of the convention set out the path along which had to proceed the metrologists and the National Metrology Institutes. The aim of the contacting parties was to unify the measurement systems and undertake common activities in favor to develop this area of life.

The slogan of this year celebrations "Measurements in a Dynamic World" is connected with fast changes taking place in area of science and research. Although the measurement process itself requires patience, accuracy and reproducibility the metrology itself is an area of science which is developing in a extraordinary dynamic way.

On the occasion of the "World Metrology Day" the Central Office of Measures (GUM) organized a seminary on metrology. In the seminary took part the representatives of governmental institutions, educational and research institutions, academies and representatives of the administration of measures. The new President of the Central Office of Measures, Dr. Eng. Włodzimierz Lewandowski, remarked in his welcome speech that the "World Metrology Day" is a good opportunity to draw the society's attention to the role which metrology plays in our day to day life. The metrology is everywhere where there is a need for innovation. The scientific discoveries should contribute to the progress in economy and trade exchange. It should improve standard of living and natural environment protection. Dr. Lewandowski pointed out:

- I hope that our common activities will increase significance level of metrology in economic life and make possible to develop our institution dynamically and reshape it towards a modern science and research institution focused on creation of added value which contributes to increase of innovation in the Polish Economy.

Concluding his speech, Dr. Lewandowski extended his best wishes to the metrologists on the occasion of the "World Metrology Day" .

The main point of the celebration of the "World Metrology Day" at GUM was the seminary on metrology which was organized under the slogan "Measurements in a Dynamic World". The speakers delivered different presentations focusing on selected metrological topics. In the area of chemistry the laboratories are producing samples. This process requires the certified reference materials (CRM) in order to confirm the reliability of measurements and to ensure the appropriate level of the quality control. The Central Office of Measures and the University of Warsaw take part in the international EMPIR project "Matrix reference materials for environmental analysis" which aims to develop the production capacities of the certified reference materials for the environmental analysis. Ms. Professor Ewa Bulska from the Biological and Chemical Research Centre of the Warsaw University focused in her presentation on the role of chemical standards and reference materials. Meanwhile, the expert of the Radiation and Vibration Department of the Central Office of Measures, Dr. Paweł Fotowicz, explained in his presentation why definition of units of measurement has been changing over the years. The definition and realization of units of measurement is one of the most important tasks which metrology faces since many years ago. For a certain time period there have been carried out works at the redefinition of selected units of the International System of Units (SI). It is about redefinition of the kilogram, ampere, kelvin and mole. These units will be redefined by choosing exact numerical values for the Planck constant, the elementary electric charge, the Boltzmann constant, and the Avogadro constant, respectively.

Without units of measurement we would not be able to move within laid down framework in metrology. In the same way the measurement and its accuracy play non-trivial role for the whole metrology process. In common understanding, the validity of the measurement depends on accuracy or quality of measurement and therefore its credibility. For years, and even ages the accuracy of the different metrology values has been increasing. The measurement accuracy in the context of metrology practice was an issue raised by Dr. Jerzy Borzymiński from the Legal Metrology Department of GUM.

In course of the day the guests of the seminary could visit the laboratories of the Central Office of Measures.

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