Article by the Central Office of Measures in a peer-reviewed international journal

Author: Janusz Fidelus
Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

On August 18, 2023, an article by the Central Office of Measures and the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) was published in the peer-reviewed international journal „Energies” (impact factor = 3.2; 140 ministerial points) with open access.

The article was created as a result of the European project 19ENG08 WindEFCY and summarizes some of the work carried out at GUM in collaboration with PTB. The article describes the calibration procedure and determination (using linear regression with weighted least squares method, WLS) of the torque transducer characteristics with a measurement range up to 5 MN m at the PTB facility enabling measurements up to 1.1 MN m.

The website view of a starting page of an article in science magazine named Energies.

Fidelus, J.D.; Puchalski, J.; Trych-Wildner, A.; Urbański, M.K.; Weidinger, P. Estimation of Uncertainty for the Torque Transducer in MNm Range—Classical Approach and Fuzzy Sets. Energies 202316, 6064.

The overall goal of the project 19ENG08 WindEFCY is to support Europe's transition to renewable energy sources in the form of wind turbines.

The 19ENG08 WindEFCY project is funded under the European Metrology Innovation and Research Program (EMPIR).

The two logotypes of EMPIR and WINDEFCY projects: the dark-blue letters

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