Participation of a GUM representative in the 4th meeting of the WELMEC e.V. Committee

Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

On May 3-5 2023, a representative of GUM took part in the 4th meeting of the WELMEC e.V. Committee (European Cooperation in Legal Metrology).

During the meeting, a number of issues related to the operation of the organization were discussed. The delegates got acquainted with the state of implementation of the most important issues developed within WELMEC e.V., including the implementation of issues related to broadly understood communication and PR, as well as the activities of the secretariat.

The guides and work program of several WELMEC e.V. working groups were approved. The financial report of WELMEC e.V. for 2022 was also approved and the organization's finances and budget were discussed, taking into account global inflation and the increase in the organization's operating costs. The discussion concerned trends in global metrology covering the most important social challenges, such as climate change and environmental protection, health, artificial intelligence and the need to regulate these issues also by legal metrology.

It should be noted that during the meeting the Director of the Supervision and Inspection Department, Convener of WELMEC WG 10 (working group for installations for liquids other than water).

  •  There is a view of big conference room. There are people who are sitting behind the tables set in square.
  •  A measurement stand: there is a big metal hoop placed on a metal platform.
  •  A white bussiness card of Marcin Mikiel - representative of Poland. There is a WELMEC organization logo on the card.
  •  A big machine - measurement stand in the laboratory room.
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