Visit of the delegation from Slovak Metrology Institutions in GUM

Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

On 29th of June this year, the Central Office of Measures in Poland was visited by the management of Slovak metrology institutions.

The Central Office of Measures in Poland was visited by the management of Slovak metrology institutions - the Slovak Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMS SR), the Slovak Metrology Institute (SMU) and the Slovak Legal Metrology (SLM). GUM was visited by Mrs Katarína Surmíková Tatranská (President of ÚNMS SR), dr Tomáš Peták (Vice-President of ÚNMS SR), Mr Maroš Kamenský (General Director of SMU), Mr Peter Vook (Director of SLM), dr Štefan Král (Director of the SLM Certification Department), Mr Laurenc Sopko (responsible for the mass standard, SMU).

During the meeting, a number of issues concerning the current and future cooperation between the institutions were raised, including joint participation in future European research projects. During the discussion, the structure of GUM was presented and the main  tasks and areas of activity of the office were discussed. Representatives of the delegation were interested in the certification process of GUM, the tasks and specificity of the work of the mass laboratory, the SI revision in the field of mass.

Representatives of the delegation presented the structure of the Slovak administration of measures and expressed their willingness to sign a cooperation agreement with our office.

An important topic were also issues related to the construction of the GUM campus, which is being built in Kielce city. Idea of ​​creation, financing and structure were presented. At the end of the visit, the guests visited mass, time and frequency laboratories. The meeting was a fruitful step towards strengthening cooperation between our institutions.

On behalf of the Central Office of Measures, the meeting was attended by: Vice-President Rafał Kępka, Director General of the Office Piotr Ziółkowski, Director of the Department of Innovation and Development and acting Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Analyses dr Andrzej Kurkiewicz, Director of the Certification Department Paulina Olszewska, Director of the Department of Mechanics and Acoustics Andrzej Hantz, Head of the International Cooperation Division dr Marcin Mikiel.

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