Visit of the NMI delegation from Moldova

Author: Marcin Mikiel
Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

On April 29th this year at the Central Office of Measures we hosted guests from Moldova.

The Central Office of Measures hosted guest from the Moldovan counterpart, head of the National Metrology Institute (INM) and guest from Moldovan bank involved in Moldovan refugee aid system - Mr Alexey Pianih and Natalia Covalciuc. Guests got acquainted with a short presentation on the structure and tasks of our office and the planned new GUM laboratory campus. During the discussion, a number of topics were discussed, such as legal metrological control, current and future metrological works of GUM related to e.g. artificial intelligence, intensification of mutual study visits and trainings within our institutions. Moldovan delegation familiarized the GUM delegation with selected aspects related to the activities of INM, including INM's involvement in international metrology projects. In addition, our guests asked a number of questions about the structure of the Polish administration of measures, maintained national standards, etc. Later on, guests from Moldova visited the GUM time and frequency laboratory, where they got acquainted with the tasks, methods of work and equipment used by the laboratory.


It was agreed to further intensify cooperation between our institutions for the benefit of both institutions.

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