The 16th OIML Conference and the 56th meeting of the CIML

Published by: Kamila Szulc

On October 18-22 this year, with the participation of representatives of Poland (GUM employees), the following events took place: the 16th OIML Conference and the 56th meeting of the CIML (International Committee for Legal Metrology), the governing bodies of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).

During the meeting, a number of issues related to the current functioning of the organization were discussed, as well as issues affecting the future operation of OIML. During the meetings, a number of OIML Technical Documents (Recommendations) for specific measuring instruments such as exhaust analyzers (OIML R126) were approved.


In addition, during the meeting, the appointment of the Deputy Director of the Legal Metrology Bureau, Mr. Paul Dixon, was approved, as well as the financial statements for previous years and the budget for 2022-2025 were discussed. During the meeting, reports on the work of OIML over the last 4 years, since the last OIML Conference, which took place in 2016, were heard. The last day of the session was marked by a nice accent when awards were handed over to persons who rendered great service to legal metrology.


More information’s about these meetings can be found at OIML website.


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