15th EURAMET General Assembly

Author: Marcin Mikiel
Published by: Kamila Szulc

On June 7-9 this year. The 15th General Assembly of EURAMET was held with the participation of a representative of GUM. Due to the limitations related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was held online.

During the meeting, a number of important decisions related to the functioning of the organization were made:

- EURAMET presidency by the representative of PTB-Germany, Jörn Stenger

-election for a renewed term of office in the Board of Directors of EURAMET of the representatives of NMI Portugal (IPQ) and Austria (BEV)

-election for the next term of office of the Chair of the Technical Committees for Mass, Electricity, Chemistry, and Flows

- election for the next term of office of the member of EURAMET internal audit - representative of the NMI of Ireland (NSAI NML)

- approval of the election as Secretary General of EURAMET, Mr. Mikko Merimaa, Former Vice-President of NMI Finland (VTT MIKES)

- approval of the creation of two new metrology networks, which GUM has declared to join - Advanced Manufacturing and Ionizing Radiation Protection

- approval of the EURAMET 2030 strategy.

- approval of the EURAMET financial report

Approval of these two metrology networks is particulary important. The networks will focus on activities that go beyond the capabilities of one National Metrological Institute and seek cooperation with European stakeholders in the field of radiation protection and advanced industry.

It should also be emphasized that the new EURAMET strategy has been approved, which focuses on the most current metrology issues related to social development - green deal, digitalisation, healthcare and sustainable development.

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