The Central Office of Measures was the organizer of international EMPIR workshops

Author: Adam Żeberkiewicz
Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

The two-day (21-22.08) workshop at Central Office of Measures gathered over a dozen representatives of NMI’s - participants of the EMPIR inTense project entitled "Developing research capabilities for traceable intraocular pressure measurement" (16RPT03 inTENSE).

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Central Office of Measures, the Ministry of Health, the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Materials as well as the Polish Center for Testing and Certification S.A. The workshop was officially opened by the President of Central Office of Measures dr Radoslaw Wisniewski.

Tonometers are used to measure intraocular pressure. These devices provide an effective way of screening for intraocular hypertension. This test serves to detect hypertension in the eyeball at an early stage, which can eventually lead to glaucoma. Untreated glaucoma is currently the main cause of blindness.

The German PTB has extensive experience in carrying out this type of measurement and competence in this field is also developed by the Czech Metrology Institute (ČMI). Germany and Czechs have introduced the obligation to check tonometers in use.

Last year TC 18 (Technical Committee for Medical measuring instruments) began work on the new OIML recommendation "Ophthalmic instruments, non-contact tonometers".

During the workshop, the possibility of introducing the examination of tonometer in use in Poland was discussed, which could be of benefit to patients.

Some actions are possible as part of a common approach to IOP metrology in Central Europe, because both in Poland and many other European countries medical devices with a measuring function are not under the legal metrological control.

During the meeting, Czech and German models for checking tonometers and experience with the verification of non-contact tonometers were also presented. ČMI representatives demonstrated the calibration of non-contact tonometer.

The EMPIR project which was discussed during the workshop is co-financed by the European Union's research and innovation program Horizon 2020 and the countries participating in the EMPIR program.

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