Visit of the GUM representatives in the National Metrology Institute of Turkey

Author: Marcin Mikiel
Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

From 24th to 27th September 2017 the Central Office of Measures (GUM) authorities paid a visit to the National Metrology Institute of Turkey TÜBITAK UME.

TÜBITAK UME is the leading National Metrology Institute in region, conducting advanced research in the e.g chemistry, mass, influence of the mobile phone magnetic field on the human health. The main purpose of the meeting, which was held at the invitation of the Director of TÜBITAK UME, was to sign a cooperation agreement between GUM and UME. During the meeting GUM representatives presented task and the structure of GUM, from the other side hosts presented the structure and tasks of TÜBITAK UME.

An important part of the visit was the possibility to ask the Turkish side many questions about the Turkish NMI campus, the organizational structure, the number of staff employed, which was connected with a brief discussion on possible areas of cooperation. In addition, the delegation of GUM visited the laboratories of the Turkish counterpart GUM and got acquainted with the main implemented projects. The signed agreement will facilitate closer cooperation with the modern, leading NMI, to the benefit of both parties.

  •  Advanced measuring stand in a glazed cone.
  •  Advanced measuring stand, which consists of a measuring instrument and a computer monitor on the white desk.
  •  The huge advanced measuring stand in a big industrial hall.
  •  Advanced measuring stand: a silver tube placed on a grey table. A lot of small items around that.
  •  Advanced measuring stand which consist of particularly perpendicular green tube and other small items.
  •  Two elegant men in dark suits are signing the documents. There are three flags behind these men. There are two little flags on the table: polish and turkey.
  •  There are gorup of twelve people who are posing to the photo in front of the TUBITAK UME metrology institute.
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